How Women Become Political --
        An Event to Inspire & Motivate

October 7, 2013 from 6 to 8 p.m.
John Hancock Hall,
180 Berkeley Street
Boston, Mass.

Watch the Event!
The event is over but it still lives on the internet! You can view the two hour program at this link.
Copies can be purchased from C-Span.

Who Hosted This Event?

Simmons College and a grassroot group, the Grimke Event Committee, have come together to co-host this event.

For more information about how the event was organized, contact Lucy Knight, Chair, Grimke Event Committee,

Simmons College is a nationally ranked university located in Boston with a history of visionary thinking and social responsibility. It offers undergraduate education for women and renowned coeducational graduate programs in nursing and the health sciences, liberal arts, library and information science, social work, and the nation's first MBA program designed specifically for women. Visit the Simmons College website.

The Grimke Event Committee is a group of friends who wanted to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the first time a woman, Angelina Grimke, addressed a legislative body and to use the occasion to inspire girls and women to follow Angelina's example.
For more information about the Grimke Event Committee, see the About Us tab on this website.

What is the Event?

Addressing the gathering on October 7th wasw a group of remarkable women. Each found her way into politics by a different path, and each had a fascinating story to tell about the obstacles she faced and the choices she made.

Speakers and panelists included
    * Gloria Steinem, feminist, activist, author
Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (unable to attend because of the government shutdown, but she sent a video)
    * Ayanna Pressley, Boston City Councilor at-Large   
    * Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Chair, Political Parity
    * Kerry Healey, President, Babson College, co-Chair, Political Parity

There will speeches, a panel conversation, and a discussion with the audience.

Who Attended?

This event was open to all but we especially welcomed girls and women of diverse backgrounds who may not have thought that the political world was their world. Watch the video (see link above) and learn how our guest speakers chose to engage in politics, whether as activists, campaign volunteers, or candidates for office.

Why Hold This Event in 2013?

This event was held in 2013 to commemorate the 175th anniversary of when Angelina Grimke became the first woman in the United States to address a legislative body. To learn more about this white Southern abolitionist and women's rights advocate, go to the tab About Angelina Grimke. There you will be able to read her historic speech to a committee of the Massachusetts state legislature and learn more about how she came to give the speech, breaking all rules of propriety for her sex.